Our spray shop this month is testing out a new oil finish. Every finish that is used is tested by our in house polish team.

Peter and his team will only use finishes that have been personally tested and approved. When asking how we will test this I couldn’t help but giggle. Peter our head polisher is proposing to test three types of wood (teak, beach and oak) using a heat test. Each piece will be placed in a dishwasher and left to go through a full cycle. This will show that the oil has stopped the water from seeping into the wood, if this happens the oak will turn grey.

The next test will be an exterior/wear test. The test include walking grit onto the planks and at times driving our fork lift truck over these pieces. In the past Peter has tested other finishes by placing a piece of wood outside our Chairman’s office so that he would be constantly walking over this to test the durability and wear of the finishes.

At present we use polyurethane for the majority of our finishes which gives a great finish and is ultra-durable. A test Peter did in his home was to set his oven to 220c with a pizza tray inside; the pizza tray was then taken out of the oven and placed onto his test piece. This test gave Peter the confidence to use this finish on dining and coffee table tops.

The advantage with an oil finish is the easy self-maintenance of the product which does not need a French polisher. The oil is applied by hand and does not require a hardener, but does require a drying time of between four and six hours depending on the humidity. The drying time of this new product can be speeded up to about two hours by putting a hardener with it. This, does not affect the durability according to the manufacturer.


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